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Stay Home Monitoring's business plan is unique in that we have “field agents” that will come to your home to install equipment, fill out paperwork, perform necessary maintenance, and remove the equipment. Stay Home Monitoring has been providing real time GPS tracking and Alcohol Monitoring throughout the State of Washington and parts of Oregon for more than 20 years. We offer competitive rates. Please call today for your quote. We look forward to working with you!

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"Thank you for taking the time to consider Stay Home Monitoring! We have over 20 years experience working with the courts and feel certain that we will be able to assist you well during this difficult time."

-Steve Hopkins, Owner

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“I would like you to know how great Tami was during this difficult process of getting a monitor for my sister. She answered all of my questions with patience and knowledge. She truly cares about people and how she could assist us. I am a Customer Service Manager and I know what to expect of my employees and feel Tami met all of those expectations! She is a wonderful example of what customer service is all about. Thank you.”

– SS

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your support and being an awesome ‘case manager’. Your cheery voice has made my EHM easier to deal with."

– J

“Since my legal problem began, you were the only person who was courteous and didn’t treat me like a criminal! Thank you!

Also, thank you for your empathy and patience with all of the scheduling you did for me.”


“Thank you for coming to the jail and picking me up and driving me to my house. It was so nice to see my family again after being in jail for a month. I could finally start working again and getting the bills caught up. This has been a learning experience for me.”

– HM



Stay Home Monitoring installs an anklet to your ankle. Your schedule is approved by your case manager unless otherwise specified by the courts. You may be allowed to leave your residence for work, treatment, doctor appointments, probation appointments, and medical emergencies.


The same as the Standard Electronic Home Detention above with the addition of Alcohol Monitoring. Stay Home Monitoring may add the Soberlink alcohol monitoring equipment that requires you to randomly provide a breath sample to test for the presence of alcohol. Alternatively, we may install the Transdermal Alcohol Detection (SCRAM) device that continuously samples and tests your perspiration for the presence of alcohol.


Stay Home Monitoring can install either the Soberlink or the SCRAM to monitor for the consumption of alcohol. Soberlink is a handheld device that requires you to provide a breathe test at different times throughout the day. SCRAM would require you to be home nightly to allow for daily downloads. You would agree to wear an anklet and have a base station placed in your home.


Stay Home Monitoring will attach the GPS Tracking unit to your ankle. Your requirements are to charge the unit for approximately two hours every day. We will coordinate with the court to monitor any areas you are excluded from going to, or areas you are required to remain. Restrictions as to times to be at your residence will be in accordance with the court requirements.

A:   Please follow this link for: Start Up Information and Forms

A:   No. The bracelet only communicates that it is present to the monitor that is attached to your phone. When you come into range of the monitor, the monitor dials out to communicate with us that you are either home or outside the range of the monitor.

A:   The agents normally have several people to hook up on any given day at various locations and sometimes their schedule changes as people are added or dropped. You should remain at your residence until he/she arrives.

A:   Yes. Your employer will fill out a work form with your hours and schedule. We need this filled out prior to you having permission to work.

A:    As stated in your rules contract, you need to make schedule requests one business day in advance, unless a bona fide emergency. Any requests for Sat/Sun/Mon leaves outside your normal schedule need to be made by Friday.

A:   Yes, but please make sure you receive permission from your case manager the day prior. You are to go directly to or from your approved destinations with no deviations or stops along your route.

A:   You may go to Dr., dentist, court, probation, treatment, and AA meetings. You may go to church only if your court order specifically says that you may go to church. If there is another able-bodied adult in the residence, he/she will get the groceries.

A:   You may go to Dr., dentist, court, probation, treatment, and AA meetings. You may go to church only if your court order specifically says that you may go to church. If there is another able-bodied adult in the residence, he/she will get the groceries.

A:   Follow this link to view  A LIST OF SAFE PRODUCTS that will not alert the TAD device.

A:   The court will issue a summons and you will be called in to explain to the judge why you violated the rules contract. Depending on the severity of the rule violation, the judge may issue you a warning, may sanction you to more time on EHM, or if the violation is of a serious enough nature, he/she may terminate your EHM and place you into custody.

A:   Check to make sure that the monitor is plugged in and that you did not blow a fuse in the fuse box. If you have cell coverage, call your case manager and leave a message that the power is out (or if no cell phone, call when the power comes back on). The monitor and ankle bracelet can still safely monitor you for several days. It will store the information and call us when the power comes back on to download all your events.